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Tim Rustem Owner of Rustem Guardian Solicitors is a Legal Aid Fraudster
Whiter than White Tim Rustem from Rustem Guardian Solicitors is an out and out Legal Aid Fraudster he preys on vulnerable and foreign clients to skim their Legal Aid and then leaves them to rot at trila. He's a real poster child for the modern UK criminal solicitor. The sad thing is even when he's reported the SRA find no wrong doing, they believe all of 

.pdf   10322 CE Response - The Justice League-LAA 26-01-2023.pdf (Size: 118.26 KB / Downloads: 0)
.pdf   Case No.11 Mhai Birtu Lincoln Crown 25-09-2020.pdf (Size: 447.68 KB / Downloads: 0) his baloney and false accounting.

We obtained some correspondence from the CEO of Legal Aid Agency, now bear in mind he's alleged to have skimmed off £50 million between 2005 and present from the public purse:

[Image: 10322%20CE%20Response%20-%20The%20Justice%20League-L...2023-1.jpg]

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